El valor comercial de las soluciones de SAP Concur para optimizar las operaciones de viajes y gastos

The travel and spending paradigm as we knew it is forced to change due to global socio-economic uncertainty and drastic changes in business models, including the growth of digital models and remote work. Today, finance departments must have tools capable of helping users improve operational efficiency and improve the experience of travelers and employees, even in the midst of all these changes. With the return of business travel, financial leaders and travel managers will need to be open to upgrading their operational infrastructure.

SAP Concur solutions integrate travel and expense data and processes to help organizations manage employee expenses from start to finish, improve transaction visibility, and optimize policy compliance. To evaluate the actual effectiveness of SAP Concur solutions, IDC conducted in-depth interviews with several organizations around the world that use the solutions for their operations and reports on travel and business expenses.

IDC's analysis found that these organizations gained significant value from SAP Concur solutions:

  • By encouraging greater company efficiency in managing travel and expenses and providing significant savings for professional staff.

  • By increasing the productivity of finance and travel support staff responsible for processing travel and business expense reports.

  • By enabling savings on business travel based on easier implementation and compliance with the organization's travel policies, while minimizing data loss.

Download the full IDC document to learn how major organizations optimize their travel and expense operations with SAP Concur solutions.